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The Envelope – City of Stars


Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling first worked together auditioning for the 2011 romantic-comedy “Crazy, Stupid, Love.” Asked to improvise a scene, Gosling remembers, “We just couldn’t shut up. It was just lots to talk about and very easy.”

That instant rapport was evident in that film, “Gangster Squad,” and, of course, “La La Land,” the irresistible musical that netted a record-tying 12 Oscar nominations, including nods for both of its leads.

And it translates off-screen as well. On a recent “La La Land”-perfect day, sitting on the balcony of a Beverly Hills hotel that owns, per Gosling, a “strong palm tree game,” the two actors, fueled by multiple vitamin drink mixes, banter effortlessly about the merits of mayonnaise, James Dean’s crowbar, and, of course, Los Angeles itself.

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