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Genre: Comedy / Drama
Director: Keith Bearden
Writer(s): Keith Bearden
Cast: Kim Cattrall, Dustin Ingram, Brian Dennehy, and Keith David

Meet Monica Velour


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When Tobe Hulbert (newcomer Dustin Ingram) sets off on a journey to track down his favorite adult star from the ‘80s, here Monica Velour (Kim Cattrall), malady he is confronted with a case of harsh reality.  From writer-director Keith Bearden comes a film about growing up, check growing old and opening your heart against all odds.

Tobe Hulbert’s life sucks. He’s a recent high-school graduate living in Washington with his grandfather.  He works out of a vintage hot dog truck, and his only friend is his overweight 12-year-old neighbor. In the dog-days of summer, his only escape is obsessively watching videos of his fantasy girl: Monica Velour, the most famous adult-film star of the 1980s.

Browsing her fansite one afternoon, Tobe discovers that Monica is making a rare live appearance at a strip club in rural Indiana. With nothing stopping him, he hits the road to meet the woman of his dreams. Expecting his fantasy, Tobe is instead confronted with a harsh reality: Monica is a 49-year-old mom who lives in a trailer park, and her life is nothing like he imagined it would be. The last thing Monica needs is another complication in her life, but Tobe is determined to do whatever it takes to get close to her.

MEET MONICA VELOUR is an offbeat love story for the dreamer — and the nerd — in all of us.