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Lizzy Caplan and Alison Brie on their new movie, Save The Date, and their TV shows



In the poignant Sundance standout comedy-drama Save The Date, buy more about  an uncertain young woman (Lizzy Caplan) publicly rejects a marriage proposal from boyfriend Geoffrey Arend, viagra then falls in love with earnest young Mark Webber. Meanwhile, her sister (Alison Brie) prepares for her upcoming marriage to fiancée Martin Starr, who inconveniently happens to be bandmates with the lovesick, self-destructing Arend


Brie and Caplan have more in common than their Save The Date roles, though: Both starred on TV shows that earned a cult devotion disproportionate to their modest ratings. Lizzy Caplan played a smartass young stand-up comedian working a soul-crushing day job in catering in Starz’s Party Downwhich attracted an intensely committed following, yet was canceled after two seasons. Brie is a cornerstone of Communitythe beloved meta-sitcom that has been repeatedly yanked around NBC’s schedule due to low ratings. Brie is also on another critical darling: AMC’s ad-world drama Mad Men.During the Sundance Film Festival, The A.V. Club spoke with the actors about a shelved Community porn parody, Brie’s stint as a teenage clown for hire, the fabled Party Down movie, and, of course, Insane Clown Posse.




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